Make sure your commercial fleet is always in top condition with Commercial Fleet Solutions.

We provide an on-premises cleaning and washing service to keep your business assets clean and ready to go.

With our service you can be assured that all of your fleet vehicles are going to be tidy, professional and ready to use, saving you time and hassle. Your business vehicles are an asset of your company and are a part of your brand’s image in the community. If you have untidy vehicles that are not clean and sparkling, you risk damaging your business’ reputation.

Benefits of working with Commercial Fleet Solutions:

The paint, body and chassis of your fleet vehicles will be kept clean which means you can extend their useful life significantly.

You’re engaging a provider who works with a focus on environmentally beneficial methods of cleaning.

You will receive a custom service tailored to suit your business and your fleet’s needs.

Vehicle inspections are easier to perform when your vehicles are clean.

Every time a fleet vehicle drives out of the lot and into the public you are in full view of potential customers and clients. When you have a fleet of vehicles that are clean and immaculately presented, it tells your customers that you take care of the details, and that you are a trusted name.

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If you are still cleaning your own fleet vehicles, save yourself the time and money and let us take care of it for you. For a flawless finish every time, work with Commercial Fleet Solutions.

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